Friday, 23 January 2009

Shelters made from the earth below your feet

Cal Earth shelters look like the business. All you need is some earth. Sandy wasteland earth will do. And some bags. Pile them up in a concentric circle, making holes for door and windows as you go, and boom - you have a home. well, a shelter.

Originally desiged by architect and author, Nader Khalili, of Iranian descent I think, but California based for decades. Their website has some amazing images which say it all.

And these folks have pasted a film of throwing them up in Nepal.

Paulo, who sent this link, has suggested lime instead of cement. For sure. If you plaster the outside in sand and cement it will compromise the breathability of the indoor space, causing damp and mold.

So all we need is a couple of rolls of these bags. And some earth. Some windows and doors I suppose are other necessities. We should build these onto a terrace somewhere. (Monica, can we?)

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