Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A tiny bit of local mountains

It's been far too long since we started checking out the local mountains round here. In fact we always thought Monção was well positioned between the sea and the hills, but we usually head west - for the water.

So last Sunday (after a rather fulfilling surf trip the day before it may be said) we headed east. Me and the kids that is, Monica stayed home in a clean-the-house panic.

Anyway, they are nothing short of amazing.

We were driving along to find a spot and just couldn't cope with the beauty around us, so we just stopped and headed up the first hill around us. And hiked to the first rocky outcrop. Then back to the wee river in the valley for lunch.

Then on to Peneda, in the heart of the Peneda-Geres national park where we found this church built into the side of the mountain, the peak of which is a climbing area.

The river falling down the mountain was so enticing, we just carried right on up and found ourselves near the top, a couple of hours later, lost in thickets of shrub and trees, on a fairly steep hill side peppered with massive rocks the size of houses.
So many hidden waterfall pools surrounded by these rocks, it is hard to find words.
So photos will have to do. Let them do the talking, we will. Here they are

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