Saturday, 17 April 2010

Wood sheds at the garage

Back in time now, to November or so, but hey, I'm in charge of this particular medium of communication and I can be the master of time, não é?

But also, this garage retro-fit never seems to end. And we're at it still. So, enough said, here's the photo-proof. In fact if I stuck to photo updates I might actually post up more stuff.

Structure goes up with the help of James and Ryan (Tasmanian surfers, exemplary workers, temporarily displaced into our hills:)

Saffy enjoying the view. Note oak posts placed on rocks - with a metal spike into bottom of wood, going through the stone, to locate it. Cross bracing gives it stucture. This way we avoid the wood rotting from prolounged contact with water.

These are old tiles that we saved from the old garage roof - they say these are made on people's thighs. So each one a bit different.

Then Paulo returned and we built this killer wood store. So FINALLY, we can keep our timber dry and sorted into different sizes for easy access (ahhh).

And Aljo helped fence in this bit for firewood...

Total cost: 30 euros for eucylptus rafters, 20 for pine tile batons. Rest from reclaimed wood harvested from various places, old tiles, rocks and plenty of nails 'n screws.

Meanwhile, the chaos of haphazard storage inside the garage, lack of carpentery benches, tool boards, a place for nails and the like has been a thorn in the side since the start. Not to mention water pouring in from the climbing wall at the back - So much to do, but dry wood and a place to dry wetsuits had to be step number one.


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Anonymous said...

Really enjoying reading yr blog... hopefully i can learn some things about eco-construction etc, and I really have to build a pizza oven... Maybe one day I will see your amazing looks and sounds immense and amazing, truly inspiring blog!

Katharine Hoda said...

A wooden shed with brick roof, i am loving the combination! Well i've seen a wooden sheds with tin metal as their roofs too and they looked awesome!

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Joss Delaney said...

It looks like you have built the wooden sheds from scratch. The idea of saving old tiles and using them now is certainly Eco conscious! Thanks for the tutorial!

Nalin said...

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