Monday, 20 September 2010

Stone building, all summer

Since May it has been stone stone stone on the main house. With João Camula, of Granitos Camula, as our stone mason, wall after wall was taken down, rebuilt - using stone on site and a few imported from nearby. We used hydraulic lime and sand as the mortar in every case. Here's how it has progressed on one of these walls, in June.

Picking apart a wall. They carried on taking it down to ground level.

João and Amançio getting the first stones into place for the new wall

View from inside, where the stairs will be built,
one day, from ground to first floor.
Day 2 or 3, new wall coming along. New door decided upon
as well:)

Wall completed, as seen from the
East side of Adega, with new handy shelf thing integrated.

Same wall from above. So here you can see the adega
section from West view.  Timber frame and straw bale walls
to follow, hopefully in October. 


Rupert Wolfe Murray said...

It looks like the ruins of a Greek Temple, which is interesting considering how it looked when you bought it.

Magnus said...

Brother Bear!
It has been stripped down to its Greekish origins for sure. We've gone beyond rock and stone to dirt and earth, and now we're building back up again. This week, after months, the wood arrived and the roof is flying up! Photos soon.

Jamie Bull said...

Yep, looking good. I showed Tim Hewlett-Packard your stone steps video yesterday and some pics of Paulo looking very tall!

Anonymous said...

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