Sunday, 1 April 2012

advanced use of solar energy

This has to be one of the most exciting developments in low cost, community based renewable energy systems around - and comes from decades of research and experimentation by German physicists, inventors, engineers and enthusiasts. And - it's all been done on really low budgets, so it might just work to address the multiple energy, food, water troubles faced by people all over the developing world.  Need to do the economics and some test models... Let's see.

Also, it would make sense combined with a biogas system and planting of as many trees as possible to deal with heat, food security, watertable management and soil regeneration.

Hmmm, need to build up a series of these relevant technologies.  new site?


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Krista Hiles said...

I have never read about such an exciting development that too in such a low cost and also it is a community based renewable energy system. Very nice and keep updating.

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Blogger said...

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