Friday, 18 December 2009

Copenhagen climate conf: best videos so far

They say it's the most important meeting in history, so much at stake, tens of thousands of people there, millions like me here and can't go. How do we keep up with what's going on?? BBC and all the usual media sources provide slim pickings, not much radio or video worth mentioning, or just interview the senior politicians or advisors (eg Nicholas Stern).

However, the Stupid Team (who made Age of Stupid) have the best show ever, covering each day, intereviewing heaps of key people and dealing with the rising tide of climate change sceptics. Why is it that more and more people are starting to believe the rubbish dished out by the climate deniers camp? Anyway, these videos say it all.

1. The Stupid Show

2. Desmond Tutu's speech to the crowd (that guy rocks)

3. President Nasheed of the Maldives (what a President to have?!)

4. Ambassador Lumbumba chair of the G77 group of nations (this one a bit longer and more serious, but his points are classic)


mediamorocco said...

This is a pretty good podcast from an independent media source, you might find it interesting.

Magnus said...

Thanks, mediamorocco, for this link to the climate sceptics camp. Very interesting, I will study this, though I am certain that climate change is happening - not because of some charts,or reports or whatever, but because of expanding deserts, melting ice and glaciers and increasing extreme weather events.

Stephanie said...

I've just been reading your blog and you ask for advice with slugs.
Wood ash generously aplied between plants might be good, and slightly crushed up eggshells.
Have you actually seen the slugs? I had terrible scoffing of my cabbages (brasica?) last summer and I tried all these things. NOTHING worked. The place was almost decimated except for the kale (it was eaten but it slightly regrew) and a few tiny sad cabbages, sprouts and broccoli.
Then one day I saw lots of beautiful butterflies hovering happily over the area. So in fact, many eggs had been laid by some evil aphid and I know I should have inspected the leaves regularly and finger-squashed anything suspicous looking.